Home Remedies for Acne Scars

 Acne is a very common skin disorder affecting millions of people.

That's one reason why home remedies for acne scars is something you might want to consider using.

Pimples erupt when the pores of the skin become clogged. When the pores are plugged up, this keeps natural oils from being released to the surface of the skin.

 That's the way it works. Because of the clogged-up condition of the pores, bacteria multiplies. It's not that there isn't bacteria present before this, but the plugged-up condition causes the bacteria to multiply and get out of hand. In the case of cystic acne and acne that is scratched, tissues become damaged and scarring occurs.

The plugged-up condition causes the bacteria already there to go berserk. When you scratch and pick your pimples, you create ugly scars that ruin your looks. You need help!

Unfortunately when someone's face becomes scarred because of acne breakouts, many of the scars are permanent and that's why you should do what you can to prevent scarring. It's unlikely that all of the scars can be removed, but improvement of the skin texture can be accomplished in a number of ways. Those ways involve medical procedures as well as home remedies for acne scars.

Effective acne scar removal involves medical methods that are very popular today, although they can be quite expensive. You'll want to visit your dermatologist to see what options there are for you to get rid of your acne scars. Your doctor may recommend dermabrasion. Another popular scar removing option is collagen injections. Laser treatment is also a choice you might want to consider. In the case of dermabrasion that's done while you are under a local anesthetic. Some of your skin that's on the surface will be removed by your dermatologist. This procedure usually is done more than once. One of the main disadvantages of collagen injections is that some people may experience an allergic reaction. Also, any positive results coming from these injections will only last for a period of time. If you would like to try laser treatment, medical specialists are not quire sure what the long term results will actually be. One of the main problems of the surgical methods of acne scar removal is that they are very expensive and many people just can't afford them.

The medical industry has come up with a number of ways to diminish scars -- procedures that seem almost miraculous. However, no one really knows for sure what the final outcome of using these type of chemicals on your face will actually do.

It's obvious that these methods of removing ascars come with a risk involved and that's the reason a lot of people like to try acne scar home remedies to fade acne scars.

Natural means of treating acne that can be done at home offer other benefits as well. For example, these home methods can improve the health of your skin and give you a glowing and fresh complexion. This can be the result even if you don't need to try to erase scars when using home methods.

If you're looking for an inexpensive solution to try to help your scars not to be so noticeable, there is no doubt that home remedies are cheaper and they're also safer.

Home remedies for acne scars usually consist of minerals and vitamins as well as herbal extracts and antioxidants. There are few or no side effects to these types of home remedies for acne scars as in the case of surgical treatment.

However, these home remedies are usually not for severe acne scars but for more milder ones.

Home acne remedies aren't new, but they've been around for a long time – even for 50 years or so and some for even longer. They've been working all along and they still work today.

For example, if you're embarrassed by the red scars on your face, you might want to try vitamin E.oil. This won't work instantly, but if you keep faithfully applying vitamin E oil on your scars, they will probably fade over a period of time.

Some people have good results from using cucumber and tomato juice mixed together on their scars. You can also apply lemon juice directly on your scars.

Some have found success by mashing garlic cloves into fine pieces and leaving it on your skin for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

You can also apply a paste mixed with sandalwood powder and a little rosewater or make a paste out of oatmeal and apply that to your face.

An inexpensive moisturizer that can also help treat acne scars is honey that has been warmed up and massaged into your face.

You can also apply egg white to your acne scars.

Several of these homemade facial masks can be left on for about a half an hour before washing them off.

When you're using a natural acne scar remover like the ones mentioned above, you'll need to be patient because you might not see any results for about six months or even longer.

Once you've scarred your face by picking your pimples on an ongoing basis, getting rid of acne scars becomes very difficult. That's why prevention is your best choice if you want clear and beautiful skin.

So fight the urge to pick or put your fingers on your pimples and live as healthy a lifestyle as you can.

If it's too late and you already have disfiguring marks, why not consider using home remedies for acne scars?