Acne Care Skin Treatment 痤疮皮肤护理治疗

O ne of the most embarrassing problems that face teenagers is acne. ö引擎的最尴尬的问题,面对青少年的痤疮。

However, adults can suffer with it too. 然而,成年人可能遭受的这一点。 Pimples start popping out at adolescence, but they can stick around for a long long time. 粉刺开始出现在青春期,但他们可以坚持了很长很长的时间。

That's why acne care skin treatment is needed. 这就是为什么皮肤护理痤疮治疗是必要的。

Skin blemishes are very embarrassing because they are so visible.皮肤瑕疵是非常尴尬,因为他们是如此清晰可见。 Everyone can see that giant pimple that has popped out on your chin.大家都可以看到,巨型疙瘩已经出现了对您的下巴。 And ugly red spots not only pop out on your chin, as you know, but they can reside all over your face, your neck, your chest and your back.和丑陋的红点不仅弹出的下巴,如你所知,但他们可以住所有你的脸,你的脖子,你的胸部和你的背部。 It's very distressing wanting to look your best while at the same time there are unsightly pus-filled lumps as well as scars prominently displayed on your face where everyone can view them.这是非常令人沮丧的想看看你最好同时有难看的脓液充满肿块以及醒目的伤疤上你的脸,每个人都可以查看它们。

Acne can also be painful -- especially ear pimples!痤疮也可以是痛苦的-尤其是耳朵粉刺!

Hormonal changes brought on at puberty are not the only reasons for pimples to be unwelcome residents on your face.荷尔蒙变化带来的青春期并不是唯一的原因,粉刺是不受欢迎的居民对你的脸。 Eating the wrong kinds of food, suffering from stress, using contraceptives, taking certain kinds of drugs and various kinds of allergies can also contribute to the outbreak of unwanted pimples.吃错种食品,遭受压力,使用避孕药具,采取某些种类的药物和各种过敏症也有助于爆发不必要的粉刺。

It may surprise you to learn --if you are fighting blemishes -- that even spending too much time on the telephone with the receiver pressed against your ear can cause pimples to flourish on the affected areas.这可能出乎您的意料学习-如果你是战斗污点-即使花太多时间在电话上同接收压力对你的耳朵可能会导致粉刺蓬勃发展,受影响的地区。 You can even spread your infection to other parts of your face if you don't change your pillowcase often enough.你甚至可以传播感染的其他部分的你的脸如果你不改变你的枕套往往不够的。

There is good news though.有好消息了。 Happily, there are a number of different acne skin care treatments plus natural cures acne that can help you fight your own personal war against pimples.令人高兴的是,有一些不同的痤疮皮肤护理治疗加上自然疗法治疗痤疮,可以帮助您打击自己的个人战争的粉刺。 However, you need to arm yourself with the right attitude when trying to overcome this aggressive skin disease because you need to be very persistent and keep searching for the right treatment for you until you find it.然而,你需要自己手臂与正确的态度时,设法克服这种侵略皮肤疾病,因为你必须非常持久性和保持寻找正确的治疗你,直到你找到它。

Reading articles on this site can also help you regain clear skin and there are even tips here to help you get rid of disfiguring scars.阅读文章在这个网站还可以帮助您恢复皮肤和明确的,甚至有窍门在这里,以帮助您摆脱毁损的伤痕。

Consider going to a dermatologist first to see what advice he or she can offer you since they're experts in skin problems.考虑去皮肤科医生第一次看到什么意见,他或她可以为您提供,因为它们是在皮肤专家的问题。 They will be able to prescribe medications for you that require a prescription -- if you need prescription medication.他们将能为处方药,需要你的处方-如果你需要处方药。

There is also lot of helpful information on the Internet, so you can do your own research and see what's out there that just might help you.也有很多有用的信息在互联网上,这样你就可以做自己的研究,看看有,就可能会帮助你。

So don't give up in despair just because your face is covered with pimples, but do the necessary research and be persistent as you look for a treatment that will work for you on a consistent basis.所以不要放弃在绝望中仅仅因为你的脸长满粉刺,但必要的研究,并持续为您寻找一个治疗,为你工作了一致的基础上。

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New technology can help you win your war with pimples. 新技术可以帮助你赢得你的战争与粉刺。

These pimple-zapping tools below aren't cheap, but what is your face worth to you -- not to speak about your social life?这些疙瘩,切换工具,以下是不便宜,但什么是值得你的脸给你-不是谈论你的社会生活?

Each of these tools is different, so you can read user reviews about each of them.所有这些工具是不同的,因此,您可以阅读用户评论每个人。

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