Blu U Levulan Acne Treatment

Levulan Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blu U Levulan may be the most revolutionary solution yet to one of the world’s most common skin problems.

Indeed, anything that effectively reduces acne through a painless and quick procedure without any side effect can be considered close to miraculous. For years, experts have developed various products for treating this skin disorder, but most of them are either generally ineffective or have harmful side effects.

For acne-sufferers, Blu U Levulan could be the answer they have long been waiting for.

The negative effects of having acne are not only skin-deep. People with bad skin problems are often at a disadvantage in a very judgmental society. Acne can cause a person self-esteem problems and even depression at any age. This is why a technology as effective as Blu U Levulan acne treatment seems almost heaven-sent for those desperate for a solution.

 Acne is a bacterial infection in the skin’s sebaceous gland. What Blu U Levulan does is eliminate the bacteria that cause acne by activating certain substances using a blue light or Blu U. It is a non-invasive procedure that only takes about 15 minutes per session for the face and neck. For the few cases where the patient’s skin fails to respond to the blue light, a substance called Levulan is applied to make it more responsive.

The procedure has become very popular and is now considered one of the top ten acne treatments. Blu U Levulan is ideal for a lot of people because it is highly effective, proven safe and very convenient. It only takes soap and water to prepare the skin for treatment and you can just sit back and relax while your acne is painlessly zapped away. You can even wear make-up right after the session.

Blu U Levulan acne treatment can be performed on all skin types, but it usually requires a number of sessions before a patient can see significant results. For people who are trying it for the first time, 2 sessions per week for a period of 4 weeks is generally recommended. The skin will be noticeably clearer in a matter of 2 to 5 weeks. Serious acne problems may take as many as 20 sessions before the skin becomes completely treated.

The cost for treatment is nowhere near inexpensive, especially with the need for multiple sessions of the procedure, but the results should be well worth it. Studies have so far revealed that Blu U Levulan reduces up to 81% of acne of the 90% who undergo treatment. Unlike other acne treatments too, it does not cause trauma or any side effects common to oral acne medication. The effects of Blu U Levulan last for months, but follow up procedures may be necessary after some time.

Blu U Levulan acne treatment is proven safe for teenagers and adults, but pregnant women are usually advised by doctors not to go under the blue light. Like any other kind of treatment, a proper amount of precaution should always be taken. Before signing up for Blu U Levulan, it is important that you discuss any other medications you might be taking to avoid adverse reactions caused by the combination.

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