Why Get Acne?

Almost 100% of people between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, will get some form of acne; whether it be a light case or in a severe form. And this is regardless of race or ethnicity. That's why treating teenage acne is so critical. According to research 40% of those cases are severe enough they require a physician or dermatologist. This skin disease usually lasts anywhere from five to ten years. Going away around the early twenties.

This skin disease  is supposed to affect men and women equally although research is inconclusive on this point.

And, in some cases this skin disease  can affect a person as late as their thirties, beyond this age is rare, but there have been some cases.


This skin disease also has some impact on the economy too. Americans spend more than a hundred million dollars a year, on over the counter medication. According to research those who suffer from pimples between the ages 12 and 17 are going through puberty.

This leads to factors such as hormonal changes. In some cases vitamins could be taken, but haven’t been found to enhance healing of acne. In teenage girls, it also seems acne occurs during or just before the menstrual cycle. In both cases hormones and an imbalance of hormones are related.

The question as to why people get acne literally has no conclusive answer. The best answer so far is a chemical or hormonal imbalance in both men and women.

Research has proven however that acne cases among women and the  flare ups occurred during the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. However, women seem to be more effective at getting rid of the pimples than men.

This is the result of women treating their skin disorder; compared to most male teens and men do no treat acne as often.

Research has also shown that out of grown men and women who have a problem with pimples in their late twenties and early thirties; out of these cases that were severe scarring was seen more with women than men.

Although it doesn’t seem so because women wear make up anyway and often times acne can be covered up, or seen less. Research continues on the skin disease acne. Determining why acne occurs, and what causes acne.

Acne around the mouth can be particularly troublesome. Acne aging anti care skin is especially important for older sufferers of this skin disease. Vitamin a for acne and vitamin b acne and acne cream herbal may all be effective.

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Treating Acne with Light