Treating Acne with Light

Technology and research has come along way as far as the skin disease acne. Although still in the new stages and considered somewhat expensive; light is becoming more common for those suffering from pimples and it may be effective in cystic acne treatments.

Even though there’s no cure for this skin disease as of today, research has improved. Now, there’s a controlled light based treatment. This treatment is painless for the patient.

Regardless of whether the continuing outbreak of pimples is a mild case or severe case.



Some people who have already experienced the treatment actually call it soothing. The treatment consists of a hand piece designed with specific fluorescent lighting to kill the bacteria interrupting the metabolic process.

The pulsed light hand piece uses advanced technology for precise acne treatment; without damaging healthy skin.

Intense, yet gentle, the treatment can also help control breakouts. Unfortunately, this treatment does not cure this skin disease. And often, times more than one light based treatment must be done, to just control disfiguring outbreaks.

This can get expensive when compared to over the counter medications. Another study showed that light based treatments reduced scarring. However, light based treatment is considered in the new phases, so that study was ongoing and inconclusive.

Ultrasonic facial therapies, as they progress and continue to improve, they will help combat more and more  breakouts. There are some reservations about this new treatment. Not everyone has the same skin type. This treatment is between the experimental and marketing margins; but is being used.

Most people suffering from this skin disease still however choose over the counter medications. There, there are those who prefer a physician or dermatologist. With the light based treatment being used for another method of controlling acne.

It is recommended to visit your physician, or perhaps have a consultation on light based treatments, to determine if this type of treatment is right for you. This treatment isn’t designed for virtually everyone with the skin disease acne. As far as accurate results for the light based treatments, out of the several that have already been done, the results were always favorable.


New acne medicine can be effective. Just do your research. Acne renova and obagi acne may also be options for you. Home remedy for curing acne is a possibility too. Acne buttocks is a miserable place for pimples to attack!

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Treating Acne with Light