Dry acne skin can be very uncomfortable

Most people believe acne only affects teenagers and young adults. However, this is not always true. Although pimples are not contagious, this skin disease is one of the most wide spread in the United States today.

Statistically, 85% of teenagers are likely to suffer from breakouts. While 12% of middle aged men and women suffer from this skin disease.

                                           At this age, some researchers have tried to pin-point the cause of this skin disease in the middle aged group.


In some cases, the patient had been dealing with pimple outbreaks since the teenage years, and the acne case at that time was severe. Treating deep acne has been an ongoing battle for them.

In other cases, whether the middle aged was a man or woman, the assumption had to deal with the "change" of life. Causing a chemical hormonal imbalance. Testosterone in men, and estrogen in women. The research results for this theory was inconclusive.

Although ordinary day-to-day stress has been ruled out, researchers believe that in some cases of excessive stress or nerve related incidents pimples were worse in these patients. Another concept, with this is that a person in their thirties or forties dealing with stress and nerve related issues, had a tendency to scratch at the acne. As a result of scratching, scars were inevitably caused and lesions healed at a slower rate.

Studies report that middle aged men and women are less likely to go to a physician for treatment. This can certainly have a negative impact on whether clear skin returns. Though some do purchase over the counter medication. Another factor which seemed to arise among middle aged men and women was "sensitive skin."

Sensitive skin often yields to bacteria which causes the disfiguring lesions. Research continues on this skin disease, and the effects it has on the middle aged men and women. Treatments and therapies designed specifically for middle aged men and women are now available through a physician, as well as over the counter medications.

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