Are Home Remedies The Top Acne Treatment of Choice?

Regardless of it being down right outrageous, to an old wives’ tale; every day some people still attempt these home remedies.

Unfortunately, as often as these home remedies are used they do not work. In some cases they can cause pimples to get worse. In some instances, it can even be more painful.

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One home remedy is the use of real lemon juice. A lemon is cut in half and rubbed gently on the affected area while squeezing the lemon allowing the juice to be applied directly to the affected area. Now, keep in mind lemons have acidic properties but do nothing more than irritate the skin. If the lesions have been scratched or are open, the lemon juice can prove very painful. In some cases the lemon juice can cause infection to the lesions.

Another remedy used in some cases is eggs. Again, another failed attempt that essentially just causes more harm than good for the treatment of acne. In this attempt, an egg is beaten in a bowl, then a cotton ball or clean cloth is dipped into the egg and gently wiped onto the affected area. With this done the egg is allowed to dry. When its completely dry, warm water is used to rinse the dried egg off. This process doesn’t work either; although some believe it dries the pimples up. Truly a misconception. A person should also note that if a raw egg is being applied to broken lesions bacteria can be the end result of this home remedy.

There are definitely more home remedies that could be mentioned. However, in most cases they are not going to have much of an affect, or will do more harm than good.

The last home remedy we’ve decided to list is probably one of the oldest, and one that would, without a doubt be more painful. In this one, rubbing alcohol is poured into a container, and Q-tips are placed in the alcohol. All pimples are then broken and squeezed. After this, the Q-tip with alcohol on it is now wiped across each pimple. This is extremely painful. This is done in an attempt to break the lesion, sterilize it, and cause it to dry out and heal. This is a bad misconception. Breaking acne lesions only makes them worse and can cause scarring. These ineffective types of home remedies obviously do no good when it comes to acne.

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