Acne Research

Over the years the research for the skin disease acne, has progressed tremendously. Today, the scientific research also concentrates on the public’s awareness and knowledge about acne.

Although some of the research that has been done on this skin disease has been inconclusive, there have been some developed insights on how acne forms and develops.

This in turn led to some improved treatments.


New products are being made for different skin types. And some creams are created to be more effective on acne lesions while less irritability to the skin. This skin disease is treated on a more individual basis now, where as a decade ago the treatments were more of a grouped therapy, or treatments.

 Because of research and new technology, researchers believe there are fewer side effects reported form prescription medications as well. Dosing is regulated better and acne improvement is more efficient and effective. In some mild cases the acne lesions were completely cleared up and in severe cases, scarring was greatly reduced. Creams sold over the counter also include low doses of medication that in years past, was only available by going to a physician. Research has deemed low doses safe, if used as directed.

Because of research, physicians and dermatologists are able to use some combination treatments. Such as prescribing an oral antibiotics to kill the bacteria, and a topical ointment or cream for existing acne lesions and inflammation. In most cases skin clears faster and lasts longer.

Research has also enabled physicians to prescribe stronger doses of oral antibiotics reducing the amount of time the oral antibiotics have to be taken.

Allergic reactions have shown a great reduction according to researchers. The reason for this is the reduction of non-active ingredients, although they still play a vital role in over the counter topical creams, gels, and lotions.

Research continues the fight against the skin disease acne. New developments and medication is being improved all the time.

Research has unveiled the latest therapy against acne. This includes a special kind of lighting. While there’s still a lot for researchers to learn about this therapy; they continue to their quest that acne can virtually be resolved permanently.

Treating acne scars naturally is an important issue to continue to research as well.


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Treating Acne with Light