Acne Psychological Impact Can Be Devastating!

Although scientists continue research on acne, there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to completely avoid some form of acne at a certain point in a person’s lifetime.

Unfortunately, most pimples do appear on the face.

It's because of this fact, young men and women can develop complexes or psychological associated problems that are connected to this skin problem.


The theory that young women worry more about their appearance than boys is a misconception. Young women and men are equally concerned when it comes to pimples. And some young men and women get so concerned about the acne they become socially withdrawn. Although the behavior of people who struggle with acne is different; characteristics displayed can be the same. Some of those characteristics include:

No self confidence

Being preoccupied with appearance.

Overdressing or the complete opposite, not caring how they look.

Pushing away friends or family.


Suppressed anger

Feeling negative about one's appearance


All these psychological symptoms can be associated with acne. In severe cases the psychological symptoms can be more severe.

However, young men seem to develop psychological symptoms more so than young women, due to the fact, young women will apply make up to cover pimples the best way they can, although in severe cases even this doesn’t always work.

Acne is not just a temporary skin problem, in some instances when lesions cause scarring the psychological problems increase. Some people argue that those with severe cases of acne and the lesions or scarring they encounter; are being over dramatic, this is not true. We're talking about a skin disease that can cause psychological problems as well.

Acne should be taken seriously, and the impact it has on young men and women. Telling a young man or woman with pimples not to be concerned is actually offensive and insensitive.

Acne scars prevention

Unfortunately, some acne cases can cause scarring. Therefore, these men and women who are suffering from this skin disease feel terrible about how they look. If it’s a serious case that causes scarring, it could have a psychological impact for years to come.

Prevention of acne scars is crucial to avoid the problems of a face scarred with the ravages of this skin disease.


Acne scar remedies can be effective. To locate acne complex reviews just type in the appropriate keywords into Google. Acne cream retina is another option.

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Treating Acne with Light