Acne Products

Since acne is considered a skin disease not only can acne make skin sensitive but acne if not treated, or not treated properly can ultimately cause scarring.

There are several treatments available over the counter to treat this skin disease. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Whether the product is for cleansing, a gel, a lotion, or a blemish acne cream, read how the products differ and what they are designed to do.

Take a look at what the main ingredients are and familiarize your self with the active ingredients and what the results should be.


Also, remember results won’t be the same for everyone.

Some over the counter medications work by killing the bacteria that causes acne inflammation. Other products are designed to speed up the growth of new skin cells, or the removal of dead skin cells. In some cases, products now, work by doing several different things.

Be familiar with these ingredients and know what they do, when you are looking for a product to treat acne. They will be most likely listed as the active ingredients.

· Benzoyl Peroxide- this ingredient is probably the most effective because it does several things. It kills the bacteria that causes this skin disease. It also helps to remove excess oils from the skin and remove dead skin cells. However, this ingredient is available in different strengths. If it is too strong it can cause the skin to be dry, have redness, or minor swelling. This of course only makes matters worse.

·Salicyclic acid- this ingredient can be used to prevent pores from clogging. It has a minor draw back too; it can cause skin irritation and even stinging.

·Sulfer and resorcinol- You probably won’t find these ingredients by themselves, but together in an acne product. Most often used to remove excess oil. Unfortunately, sulfur and resorcinol can cause redness and even skin peeling days after using the product it is in.

·Alcohol and acetone- these are ingredients usually found in astringents or cleansing washes. These ingredients are used to remove oil and dirt from the skin but many of the products that have these ingredients in them cause burning and stinging.

·sulfur acne medication - Sulfur has been used for years and is in a number of products, but some people have unacceptable side effects from using it.

To reduce more skin problems, redness or excessive drying begin using the lowest strength of a product; gradually increasing the strength for effectiveness.



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