Acne Myths Can Be Confusing

One thing about this skin disease, everyone seems to have an opinion about what causes it. Unfortunately, that’s all they are, is opinions. Scientists and researchers have done studies about this skin disease, what causes it, what prevents it, and also eliminated most opinions.

Therefore, research has turned them into myth’s that are legitimate. We’ll include the top five myths people have about acne in this article.


Myth One- this skin disease is caused when you don’t stay clean, or wash your face. If you believe this myth, and wash your skin hard and quite a bit; it can actually make your acne worse. Acne is not caused by dirt or surface skin oils.

Myth Two- Acne may not be caused by what you eat. There is no scientific proof. Scientists have researched this and found no conclusive connection between what you eat and this skin disease. Pizza, French fries, chocolate, soda, fried foods, or any other food; none of them has conclusively been proven to cause this skin disease. Although eating healthy foods is good for anyone, acne related or not.

Myth Three- Acne is caused by stress. Scientists have not conclusively determined that the ordinary day-to-day stress is a factor. Although there are some medications that can attribute to this skin diseaseas a side effect of the medication.

Myth Four- Acne is a cosmetic disease. Acne is a skin disease that has an effect on men and women. In severe cases the lesions can leave scars. Scientists do not place it in the cosmetic disease category; but in the skin disease category.

Myth Five- You just have to let this skin disease run its course. You’ll grow out of it, simply a fact of life.

The fact is, most cases of Acne can be cleared up. If you ignore it and do nothing; then yes, it does take longer to clear up. Or, in some cases the acne lesions become severe and that can lead to scarring.

If over the counter medications haven’t worked, going to a physician or dermatologist is recommended.

Although scientists haven’t found a cure for acne or pinpointed why people get acne; with all the medications available today, there is no reason why people should have their faces destroyed with deep scars which will need acne scarring treatment.

Acne health prevention is necessary and can lead to clearer skin.


Acne prevention steps are key to enjoying clearer skin. Acne cyst drainage can be very unpleasant. 10 acne product top can be researched by typing the proper keywords into Google. Acne clearlight  may be an option. Happily for them, many young people will have their acne clear up by the age of 30. 

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