Adult Acne Skin Care

Cure for Adult Acne

Pimples and blemishes aren't just the realm of teenagers and adolescents.

 Adults have skin care problems as well. Like the experiences of teenagers the world over, it's a combination of factors that cause sebaceous glands to fill with oil and lymph products, providing an environment for bacteria to flourish.

There are several adult acne skin care tips.

The first is to understand that pimples are a symptom of your body's hormones being subtly out of kilter. Hormones are filtered through your liver; when you initially start producing androgen hormones as a teenager, your body is still learning how to adjust to them, and your liver sometimes doesn't catch them all – they float through the body, attach to receptors, and cause cascades, which cause the situation described above. The only cures for adult acne are adjusting your diet, adjusting your stress levels, and in general getting more exercise.

 While there is no single cure for adult acne, everyone's body chemistry is subtly different, which means that broad categories of treatments can work, but specifics will vary from person to person, and even from month to month. For some people, blemishes go away when they give up salty, fatty foods, or soda pop, or chocolate. For others, natural remedies for adult acne, like Echinacea, hemp oil and strawberry leaves can work miracles. Herbs for adult acne run the gamut from herbal facial washes, to clear up pimples and blackheads to regimens of dietary supplements ranging from the mild to the extreme.

Whatever remedy for adult acne you consider, avoid the zit creams marketed to teenagers. As an adult, your skin is a lot less elastic; it doesn't heal as quickly, and adults are likely to get dry skin more than teenagers are. So avoid things like zinc creams and beta hydroxyls. Do focus on things that cleans the skin, and then use a hypo-allergenic moisturizing agent to keep your skin from drying out. Also, avoid putting on heavy coats of makeup – they only clog the pores even more, making you likelier to harm your skin with untreated blemishes. If your condition is truly persistent, your dermatologist may prescribe an antibiotic, Accutane, to try to saturation bomb the bacteria that grows in the clogged pores. This should really be considered the last resort for this kind of problem, as it can induce a lot of other changes in your body as well. Women who may become pregnant shouldn't take Accutane since it may cause birth defects.

Laser surgery acne may also be an effective remedy for you as an adult.

Most of the remedies for adult acne are shots in the dark, and don't match up well to everyone's personal biochemistry. Log the stresses that you have and how they trigger your blemishes, and note your mood. Different moods and mood swings are a good sign of hormonal changes, and there's a strong link between adult acne and hormones, particularly changes in your hormonal balance, like taking estrogen supplements, or taking cortical steroids after surgery.

Adult acne skin care can make the difference in how you look!

 adult acne skin care