5 Acne Scars Removal Methods

Find out how to get rid of or reduce mild as well as severe acne scars.

In an ideal world, no one would scar his or her own face by fingering, squeezing and picking persistent pimples.

But the sad truth is that most people that suffer with ongoing acne have scarred themselves without really meaning to do so.

What should you do now if you have scarred your own face and disfigured it as a result?

You will be glad to know -- if you don't know already-- that there are quite a few treatments for acne scars that are available to you today. Medical science keeps discovering new treatments for various illnesses and conditions, and this is especially true for acne scar sufferers.

1.Dermabrasion is one of these treatments. It can help lessen acne scars that are shallow. It uses wheels with diamond edges on them. This gives a sandpaper effect as the rotating wheels remove top damaged layer of skin. As a result of the dermabrasion, healthy new skin can replace the old damaged layer.

2. Another scar-removing treatment is called punch replacement. With this method your doctor will remove the area of skin and detaining each deep scar with the punch. Then your doctor will graft in to the wound a new piece of skin.

3. Yet another method to treat acne scars is by dermal fillers. In this method fat or collagen is injected in the scar area to help create a level surface of skin.

4. Another method to treat acne scars is called subcision. What happens with this acne treatment for scarring is that surgical instruments break up the acne scar tissue beneath the skin layer. This enables the tissue beneath the scar to connect with nearby tissues which causes the scar to become more level.

5. One of the most effective recent treatment for acne scars is laser treatment. The laser helps to get rid of damage skin with its penetrating rays.

It should encourage you to realize that science has discovered ways to help eliminate or make your acne scars less noticeable.

However, it is crucial that you discuss acne scar treatments with your doctor before you choose to undergo any of the acne scar removal techniques presented in this article.

Acne Scars Removal