Acne Care Skin Treatment

You can overcome persistent pimples and acne!

Caused by over secretion of sebaceous glands, excessive hormone secretion from the body causes  oil to combine with dead cells and block skin pores, bacteria soon develops in those areas which causes inflammation resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pustules, or pimples and depending on the severity of the condition, in some cases pain.

Acne skin care treatments are always being sought by sufferers of all ages.

When it comes to skin care, acne treatment is often a very misunderstood topic. For the most part people have varying ideas on what causes it and how best to treat it. Many believe that acne skin care treatment is as simple as good cleaning methods, thinking that it is unclean skin that is prone to this condition. This often goes so far as sufferers are told by well meaning relatives and friends to scrub their face and never use a moisturizer. Others believe that diet is to blame and that consuming the wrong types of food is the cause. This condition most often starts in teen years and often carries on into adulthood with adult skin care acne treatment being a problem.

In actual fact, diet is more a factor than most think. Eating vegetables rich in vitamin A is essential and water is the often overlooked. Drink several glasses of water each day and you should start to notice a difference in about a week. Hundreds of dollars get spent on acne skin care treatment solutions with very little results. Again drinking fresh water is possibly the best skin care acne treatment there is. Water will flush your system helping and rid your body of toxins that irritate skin problems.

Clean skin is important but over cleaning can irritate more than help, using very mild antibacterial soaps and lotions should be used on the skin when necessary and never squeeze blackheads, as this may spread infection. The black part of blackheads is not dirt, it is oxidized sebum. If you must use cosmetics as part of your skin care, acne treatments will not be affected or harmed by noncomedogenic products.

Checking with your doctor with regard to the best acne skin care treatment for you is always best and if you do not get any results always let him know so another preparation may be tried. He will know best, as trying a wide range of unknown products may actually worsen your condition. Depending on the severity of your condition your doctor may prescribe oral or topical medicines, or in some cases both. Topical medicines such as creams and lotions applied to the skin help heal the effects of the condition and assist in the prevention of scarring. Acne laser removal may also be effective.

Acne skin care treatments when used as directed by your doctor or dermatologist can very effective especially when combined with a healthy diet which includes plenty of water.

Acne Care Skin Treatment